SFT Selfie Token serves to pay purchases or get profits on safekeeping

SFT cryptocurrency that provides profitability, as well as the privacy and security of your finances.

Affiliate program for profitable safekeeping of SFT savings by partners.

FaceToPay token is a model for all cryptocurrencies!

Cheap transfers around the world

The SFT has been developed by FaceToPay to solve banking problems.

Deflationary nature

The SFT is not subject to inflation. Over time, the supply of SFT will decrease, which means that even if demand remains constant, the price will rise.

The easy way to invest

To own SFT, it is unnecessary to have special licenses or knowledge. Just get registered at FaceToPay and convert SFT online.

FaceToPay's plans to promote SFT are as ambitious as possible!

Major exchanges

FaceToPay enters into listing agreements for token trading at all major exchanges.

Valid marketing

Support for a large-scale advertising campaign for payment interaction of SFT to FaceToPay is fully funded by the FaceToFace ecosystem, Fintech companies, as well as the largest international innovation funds in the payment segment with the support of State Deposit Guarantee Funds.

Rewards Center

Welcome affiliate program for profitable safekeeping of SFT savings by partners using the SFT Secure Hold service. An incentive bonus for active leaders accompanying their own SFT communications partners.

Select SFT Profitability marketing yourself free of safekeeping time!

Thanks to the selection of FaceToPay Staking Marketing tariff plans, you can find the optimal level of profitability for the profitable safekeeping of SFT savings.

Get a real-time global view of all SFT transactions with unlimited transaction history.

No hidden fee and total absence of fee for SFT transfers inside FaceToPay.

An incentive bonus for active leaders accompanying their partners is accrued daily at 06:00 AM UTC, subject to SFT status compliance.

Buy SFT in step with the growth

Start ≈ 0.79%

Relevance - from 24 hours

Standard ≈ 1.09%

Relevance - from 72 hours

Plus ≈ 1.39%

Relevance - from 168 hours

Premium ≈ 1.69%

Relevance - absent

Face2Stake ≈ 2.0%

Relevance - absent
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How do I purchase a FaceToPay token for safekeeping?

Sign up in a few clicks
Go through the video verification procedure (optional)
Replenish your account in a convenient way and buy tokens in one click
Share FaceToPay with partners and receive daily rewards