Welcome to the FaceToPay® team

Make secure purchases with selfie payments without using cash, credit card, or mobile phone.

The existence of a digital customer account make it possible to control your online identity and data security.

Take complete control of your finances!

Constant access to information on all completed transactions with an archive of payments. No fee for customers and the minimum fee for financial partners!

Physical map

Connect a plastic card to the FaceToPay system via Internet banking or use a FaceToPay payment card for ease of use when integrating data into the FaceToPay application.

Payment by a face

The unique FaceToPay technology makes it possible to do without the usual means for making payments (bank cards, mobile phone, PayPass, or PayWave)

Financial interaction offers for FaceToPay customers and partners

Pay, accumulate, invest and increase your capital with profitability programs

SFT Secure Hold service

FaceToPay offers 5 staking programs for the profitable safekeeping of SFT savings by partners using the SFT Secure Hold service.

Investing in FaceToPay

Invest in promoting the FaceToPay brand in the FaceToFace ecosystem to fulfill the mission of introducing a F2P terminal network using SFT technologies.


NFT contract programs offer to earn from NFT sales on the Face2Pay Marketplace by reselling visual direction and spatial model NFTs.

Use FaceToPay for in-store or online payments

Become a FaceToPay Partner

What are the benefits of FaceToPay?

Contactless payment

The customer is not required to enter card details. It is enough for the customer or seller to simply have access to the FaceToPay camera.

Offline payment

Payment for tickets in public transport, purchases in cashless areas of shops, payment for lunches in school canteens, instant ticket purchase just before events.

Barrier-free environment

Your face serves as a pass to forums, conferences, educational institutions, fitness centers, water parks, hotels.

Additional benefits

Fast transaction processing, easy to use, maximum security.

Financial tranquility in travel

With FaceToPay, you do not have to worry about converting cash to your local currency. Anywhere in the world, you can be sure that your funds are always available, and you can pay for purchases using the face payment function in the FaceToPay partner network.

Using SFT for payment

In any currency

Thanks to cooperation with the world's largest payment systems, FaceToPay uses a bank conversion rate. Our partners are MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay, AmericanExpress, VPay, JCB, Discover.

No fee

Any payment using FaceToPay is due to the internal conversion of SFT to the local currency. We do not charge any conversion or payment fee using SFT technology.

Send money transfers with FaceToPay

Make transactions in one click, regardless of the recipient's bank and payment system.

Inside the FaceToPay system

You have the option to send a payment using your personal FaceToPay account, in both fiat and e-currency. In addition, make transfers in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, SFT.

To the recipient's bank card

Use your personal account to send funds to your bank card. When sending a transfer through the FaceToPay Transfer service, you can receive funds to the card in 98% of the world's banks.

Cash out funds from your FaceToPay account

Order a payment card to pay for purchases at points that are not yet FaceToPay partners.

Multifunctionality of the FaceToPay service.

If your favorite store or service establishment is not yet connected to the FaceToPay network, we will be happy to provide access to your account using one of the payment systems: MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay, AmericanExpress, Discover. Order a metal payment card FaceToPay to pay for purchases through your personal manager or use the form in your account.